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April 2007

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aquila_star in marauders100


Yaay, I’m so glad we’re back. I’ve missed my pups, I have been drowning in a sea of Harry and Draco. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! *laughs* Here’s my offering.

Title: Forget
Characters: Sirius/Remus
Rating PG 13
Challenge: forget
Word Count: 400. A quadruple drabble? Blame my verbosity on the long absence. *blushes* 

Sirius spent the week trying to forget it had happened. Trying to forget how Remus’ eyes had widened and then slid shut when Sirius had been pressed up against him under the cloak. Trying to forget how the air was heavy and thick with something…new…as they tucked themselves into a corner, trying to hide from Filch and his damnable cat. He was desperately trying to forget how his heart had raced and his blood had pounded through his veins on its way to lower regions that really should not stand at attention when forced into close proximity with his very male best friend. He tried to forget how Remus had smelled, how close he had been, how, if Sirius had moved his head just a little, he would have been close enough to open his mouth and suck on that spot, right there on Remus’ neck, that spot that had looked softer and more inviting than anything Sirius had ever seen on a girl.

He tried to forget, all week, as the tension between them brewed, deeper and darker, drawing them back to that small space in time when they had been so close they had shared the same air. Every time Remus had turned his head, stretching his beautiful neck so Sirius could see that spot again he had fought the urge to remember, to force his brain and his body to remember how right Remus had felt against him, how they had fit together, how he could hear Remus’ heart pounding in time with his until he had pulled back, reluctant, unable to articulate to himself and to Remus why it was so hard; why suddenly any space between them was too much. Oh, how he tried to forget. 

Until Remus had pulled him aside, pushing him back into the shadow behind a suit of armor on the fourth floor, pressing in close behind him, moving towards Sirius with a grace that was more feline than lupine, but whatever it was it set his blood pounding again, and his mind was screaming at him, forget, forget, forget; while his body remembered. And when Remus moved in closer, staring into Sirius with amber eyes that kept flitting up and down, with lips red and moist as he moved closer, closer, closer and suddenly there was nothing to remember, there was only now, there was only this. And Sirius forgot.


Ah, very nice! Nothing like a little R/S to celebrate the community coming back, eh? :)
Hell yeah. Nothing like a little R/S at any time! *laughs*
Oh yey! Lovely restart. Thanks.
You're welcome. Thank you.
I didn't do anything.
You gave me a prompt! *grins*
eh. You do know you don't have to post only for the prompts. You can post anything that has to do with the Marauders. Just you know, fyi.
Oh, I know. It's just all my creative energy had been focused on H/D...so the prompt really helped bring the pups back. *grins*
Ah. Got it.