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Apr. 18th, 2007



(no subject)

Title: Paris
Characters: Sirius, Remus.
Challenge: Lazy
Rating: PG-13 for slash, I guess.
Word Count: 231 (Double drabble that went a bit over)
Authors Note: Doesn't quite fit the challenge, but Sirius has been losing jobs so he does count as lazy... sort of. 

(P.s: I'm on team Padfoot but I'm not listed for some reason :()


Remus read over the morning headline wearily, sighing and taking a sip of his tea. He wondered how long this could go on for. It seemed to be getting more and more frequent as Voldemort grew in power. He was distracted from his paper by a thump above him. He shook his head and rolled his eyes. A moment later there was grunt from the door.

Remus looked up at his groggy lover, messy haired and rubbing his eye as he slid into the seat across from him. He used to raise an eyebrow at the behavior. Now he didn't bother.

“Did you read the paper?” It was a stupid question considering he'd just woken up and Remus had picked it up off the porch, but Sirius just gave another grunt.

“You know you're going to be late for work again.” No response. He looked over the paper at Sirius. “Not again... that's the third time you've been fired in the past six months...”

That was the final straw for their wilting relationship. Within an hour Sirius had his bags packed, hair combed down and robe thrown on. He looked towards Remus as he opened the door.

“And moony, I wasn't fired... I quit.” And then he was gone.

It was only that evening that Remus found the two plane tickets to Paris under his pillow....

Apr. 4th, 2007



I know I gave this community away a long time ago... but it seems to have died once again? Anybody interested in starting it back up with me again?

Mar. 2nd, 2007



(no subject)

Title: Some Days
Pairing: James/Sirius
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Boy/boy but basic and nothing real dirty
Prompt: for the Lazy prompt at marauders100

"Get up you lazy arse get up!" James punched his best friend, who growled and rolled over.

"C'mon Sirius we're gonna be late!" James rolled his eyes grabbing Sirius and trying to haul him from bed.

"No...Prongs go 'way...." Sirius muttered, opening one eye. "Or you could come back to bed." His tired face smiled.

"No I can't...Now get up! It's after one you ponce." James tussled his friend's black hair.

"Nah, it's early, come back to bed," Sirius grabbed him around the waist and smiled as he felt James give in....Some days it didn’t pay to get out of bed.

Dec. 4th, 2006



New Prompt

Wow! What a great turn out of drabbles last week. *coughhintcough* Our new prompt shall be lazy, because I'm lazy and don't want to go to work.

Nov. 26th, 2006

The Eagle Marcus/Esca shiny


Gobble, gobble

Title: Gobble, gobble

Characters: The Marauders.
Challenge: Turkey
Rating: G
Word Count: Double Drabble
Authors Note: R/S if you squint. *grins*


Nov. 24th, 2006




Tis time for another prompt. This weeks' shall be turkey as it is Thanksgiving here in the states. So write away guys. You have till next sunday. :DS

Nov. 18th, 2006

The Eagle Marcus/Esca shiny



Yaay, I’m so glad we’re back. I’ve missed my pups, I have been drowning in a sea of Harry and Draco. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! *laughs* Here’s my offering.

Title: Forget
Characters: Sirius/Remus
Rating PG 13
Challenge: forget
Word Count: 400. A quadruple drabble? Blame my verbosity on the long absence. *blushes* 




Ok so we're going to start up again. The new prompt shall be forget.
You can use this in any way you want so long as the marauders are in the drabble.

Nov. 17th, 2006




I feel bad. I've forgotten about you guys for so long. I'm sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Would you guys like me to start this up again?

Aug. 18th, 2006

Muchacha en la Ventana


Drabble: Another Day, Another Prank

Title: Another Day, Another Prank
Author: moondagny
Word Count: 100
Prompt: "Candles" at dogstar100, "Lessons" at marauders100, "I can’t believe you just said that" at sirius_remus100, and "I want to fuck you like an animal" at AWDT
Rating: PG-13 for language

Another Day, Another PrankCollapse )

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