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April 2007

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Voldemort quote

magzct in marauders100

Title: Lessons Are Important for Our Futures
Characters: Lily Evans, and James Potter
Challenge: Lessons
Rating: PG (with a bit of an elusion to... things)
Word Count: 200 (double drabble)
Authors Note: Yahoo! My first drabble and I'm sharing it with you! Enjoy! P.S. Why won't my post show the words, "inno-cent, h!ate,n!aughty"?! That's so annoying! Well, until someone helps me (please help me! >.<)...
Inno-cent=* H!ate=^ and n!aughty=% xD Deal.
Summary: James and Lily talk about "lessons".
Team: Prongs

James groaned. "Blast! I ^ Potions, Lily! Let's skip. Just this once?!" Lily looked over at him with a bemused expression. She smirked and looked ahead *ly, "James, do you really think that it's right to skip lessons? Think of all of the things that we learn in class!" Lily exclaimed.
James rolled his eyes, shoving his hands in his pockets. He muttered, "Whatever you say, Lils," before looking back to see if the others had caught up. I bet that they find this just sooo amusing, James thought to himself and frowned, catching up to Lily.
"James, lessons are very important for our futures! Just think! What if no one attended Potions except for me and you? Then, if I was poisoned, you'd get to give me an antidote!" Lily exclaimed, looking to her boyfriend to see if he was even listening. James was too busy sulking. Lily frowned and walked a bit closer to him, "You know, you've been a bit of a % boy lately. I think that you deserve a lesson after we attend Potions today. Too bad you ^ lessons," James looked up with eagerness stamped across his face, "Who said I don't like lessons?"


Sweet fic.
Try editing it after posting, sometimes that helps.
Thanks... I'll try that! =)